SRF Research Center Immunologist Application Form


SENS Research Foundation (SRF) is seeking a full-time researcher for a Scientist position to work at our Research Center located in Mountain View, California. The position is to lead a new intramural research project geared toward performing translational research studying aging as it relates to the immune system, with a possibility of developing a new therapeutic. This is a collaborative effort between SRF and the Campisi Lab at the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, located in Novato, CA. The collaboration allows the researcher to work with two institutions at the forefront of the anti-aging field, and allow for mentorship from experts in the field. The successful applicant will work with, and be guided by, senior researchers at both SRF and the Buck, and as such this position is available to new PhDs as an alternative to doing a Postdoc (or a 2nd postdoc). The position offers the opportunity for upward mobility into a more senior, PI level position. Leading a team at SRF is an exciting career opportunity in a team environment where everyone is dedicated to discovering new treatments for the diseases and disabilities of aging.


Required Experience

  • PhD or equivalent doctoral degree in the chemical/biological sciences
  • Expertise in the innate immune system

Desired Capabilities

  • Independent planning and project design
  • NK cell knowledge or experience
  • Proficient at the bench and with data analysis
  • Management / mentoring experience
  • Comfortable working in a small team environment and with collaborations with other institutions


SRF is proud to offer a competitive salary of $65-75,000/yr for this position, which includes paid vacation and sick leave, fully covered health insurance, inclusive of dependents, an FSA program, and a company matched 401(k) plan offered after a 90-day introductory period.  SRF is an equal opportunity employer.


Interested candidates should apply through this web application, emailed applications will not be considered.

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Applicants moving onto the second phase of the application process will be contacted by email by a SRF representative for an interview.


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Academic Information
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Except where otherwise stated you may submit files in PDF, DOC or DOCX format. The maximum size for each file is 2 MB.
Please limit your CV or resume to a maximum of 2 pages. Highlight any prior laboratory or research experience. A brief 1- or 2-line description of your specific contribution to each research project is particularly helpful. For instance, the statement "created the expression construct that allowed us to determine protein localization" quickly clarifies your role in the project. The document should be named as follows: Surname_First Name_CV. For example, Greg Chin’s CV or resume document would be called Chin_Greg_CV.doc
A cover letter describing your knowledge of SRF's damage repair approach to aging as well as your experience in immunology; please limit your letter to one page.