Take Action


SENS Research Foundation is the world's leading charity dedicated to advancing the development of rejuvenation biotechnologies for the diseases and disabilities of aging. We encourage you to join us in our work. There are many ways you can get involved.
Perhaps the best thing you can do to support our work is to donate. We're tightly focused on getting the greatest possible value from all the donations we receive, but pioneering biomedical research is unavoidably expensive. Any contribution makes a difference to our work, which is funded entirely by the public. Please give generously to help us lead the fight against aging-related disease.
Although a donation is the most direct way to help, many of our supporters are able to contribute in other ways - whether it's by conducting research, lobbying policy makers, or simply raising awareness that illness and disability need not be an inevitable part of growing old. If you're active on social media, you can help us reach a larger audience by sharing our Facebook posts and tweets.