About SRF Education

Our Mission

SRF Education is trying to make the field of regenerative medicine comprehensible to everyone. How are we going to do this? Well, we want to create a well-informed public as well as a well-trained regenerative medicine workforce. We want to help students and the public in general understand the research that’s being done. A well-informed public that understands the impact of regenerative medical research in turn could help drive changes in the ways pharmaceutical companies and regulatory agencies look at treating the diseases of aging.

We’re also working hard to train future scientists, doctors, and policy makers for the burgeoning new rejuvenation biotechnology field built around the paradigm shift that emphasizes research and treatment based on the underlying molecular and cellular damage as opposed to disease symptoms.


What We Do

SRF Education offers several options for those interested in learning more about SENS Research Foundation’s core paradigm of preventing age-related diseases by treating the underlying molecular and cellular damage. Undergraduate students interested in conducting research are encouraged to inquire about our internship programs. Our collaboration with the University of Oxford and The Centre for the Advancement of Sustainable Medical Innovation (CASMI) Translational Stem Cell Consortium offers students with limited access to research facilities and laboratory experience an opportunity to participate remotely in non-bench research projects. Finally, our lecture video series and presentations from scientific conferences offer a global audience the opportunity to learn about both the basics and most recent breakthroughs in such topics as stem cells, tissue engineering, and cancer.