About SENS Research Foundation

At SENS Research Foundation, we believe that a world free of age-related disease is possible. That's why we're funding work at universities across the world and at our own Research Center in Mountain View, CA.

Our research emphasizes the application of regenerative medicine to age-related disease, with the intent of repairing underlying damage to the body's tissues, cells, and molecules. Our goal is to help build the industry that will cure the diseases of aging. 

SRF is, at its core, a research-focused outreach organization. Our outreach efforts include the SENS conferences at Cambridge, the annual Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference series, summits, speaking engagements, and general advocacy. We strive to inform policymakers and the public at large about the promise of the damage-repair approach to treating age-related disease.

Finally, SRF engages in educational work through our student program, SRF Education. SRF Education operates a summer internship program that places students at the SRF Research Center and outside institutions; provides students with guidance, mentorship, and materials grants for SENS-related research projects; and is developing online coursework.   


SENS Research Foundation's Research Center in Mountain View, California